If you are wondering were the voting ended up yesterday, here are the final numbers.

Twin Falls City Council
Marilyn J. Dedman     249
Kelly Hassani     217
Suzanne Hawkins     912

Buhl Mayor
Jeffery Huntington     2
Thomas Leo McCauley     8

Castleford Rural Fire District Commissioner Sub-District 1
Troy Schlund     2
Curtis Harkins     1

Filer Mayor
Richard "Rick" Dunn     203
Robert "Bob" Templeman     90

Filer City Council
Clyde A.  Johnson     117
Joe Lineberry     163

Filer City Council (VOTE FOR TW0)
Donald M. Barkley     121
Ryan H. Gurney     65
Ruby L. Hite     129
Russell E. Sheridan     136
Sharilynee Underwood     82

Hansen City Council 
Anthony Bohrn     103
M. Eileen Turner     148
Chad Urie     70

Rock Creek Rural Fire District Fire Commissioner Sub-District 1
John Balling     153
Doug Fisher     406

Kimberly City Council (VOTE FOR TWO)
Nancy Duncan     141
Vickey "Renea" Remaley     126
Burke L. Richman     139
Kip Thompson     171

Hollister Mayor
Thad Kern     12
Norman Schnitker     14
Richard "Shorty" Self     34

Hollister City Council (VOTE FOR TWO)    
Sallyirene Elise Currell     30
Tom C. Ginder     35
Betty Morris     46
City of Murtaugh
Murtaugh Council Member Seat 2
Yale Bessire 12
Brenda Bowman 10

(courtesy of KMVT)