BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The family of a woman who has been missing since she left for a short day hike in central Idaho last week is asking for experienced hikers with backcountry experience to help in the search. Sixty-three-year-old Jo Elliott-Blakeslee and 69-year-old Amy Linkert were last seen Sept. 19.

Officials believe the two went for a short hike at Carters of the Moon National Monument, where their pickup was found with their dogs inside. Searchers found the body of Linkert on Wednesday.

Elliott-Blakeslee's family released a statement Monday thanking those who have helped in the search, and saying that they don't want to risk the safety of inexperienced volunteers. They asked that people interested in volunteering be able to hike 12 miles and climb 1,000 feet at a time in treacherous terrain.