After a big night of winning elections, Republicans celebrated with a rally yesterday on the steps of the Idaho Capital. Besides picking up the only congressional seat they didn't have, Idaho Republicans held on to all seven state constitutional offices including a big win for Gov. Butch Otter. Republicans picked up five seats in the state House of Representatives to take an even-more dominating 57-13 majority in the house. In the state Senate there was no change but the Republicans already had a 28-7 majority. Idaho Governor Butch Otter says that the vote was a confirmation that Idahoans want a conservative government. Democrat Rep. Brian Cronin says he believes the GOP sweep was more anti Nancy Polosi and Barack Obama than it was about the specific races. He says, though now a smaller minority, Democrats in the legislature will continue to warn Idahoans of bad policy when they see it. Idaho Democrats said they are willing to come to the middle and work with Republicans on issues because they've had to do that for so many years and they think they're good at it.