With temperatures on the rise, the odds of heat stroke increase.

If you suspect that someone has heat stroke, you should call 911 or transport the person to a hospital right away. A delay seeking medical help can be fatal.

According to WebMD, while you wait for paramedics, you should move the person to a cooler area.  If you don't have access to somewhere indoors, then move them to a shaded area.

You should also remove any clothing that's not necessary.

Here are some other ways you can keep someone cool while waiting for the an ambulance.

  • Fan air over the person while wetting them with a garden hose or a wet cloth.
  • If you can get some ice, make ice packs and put them in the persons armpits, groin, neck, and back.
  • Put them into a tub of cool water, or an ice bath.

Consult the hospital if there's a delay in getting them to an ambulance.  Be sure to be as descriptive as possible about the environment you're in so that a medical professional can give you the best advice.