Electronic cigarette sales to kids would be banned under a bill that unanimously cleared Idaho's House yesterday. Thursday's 68-0 vote sends the measure to restrict the nicotine delivery devices to the Senate. E-cigarettes, as they're known, have been around for about a decade, consisting of battery-powered pen-like devices that vaporize what's often a nicotine-laced liquid into a mist for inhalation. But health officials fear they could tempt more children to become smokers. Idaho law bans tobacco sales to minors, but the devices aren't covered. The bill's sponsor, Republican Representative Bob Nonini of Coeur d'Alene, says flavor combination like root beer make it seem like e-cigarette makers are targeting youth. GOP Rep. Dick Harwood of St. Maries overcame fears that restricting these devices would create a "nanny state" and supported Nonini's measure.