The CEO of Eddie Bauer has announced that their payment systems have been compromised by malware. If you shopped there this year, here is information you need to know.

First, here is the part of the statement from Mike Egeck, the CEO:

We recently learned that the point of sale systems at our retail stores were affected by malware. We immediately initiated a full investigation with third-party digital forensic experts to identify and contain the attack as quickly as possible. We determined that customers’ payment card information used at our retail stores on various dates between January 2, 2016 and July 17, 2016 may have been accessed. Not all cardholder transactions during this period were affected. Payment card information used online at was not affected.

If you think your information might be at risk, now might be a good time to check your card statements and/or talk to your bank.

I also recommend you read the full statement so you can decide for yourself if this is something you need to be worried about.