POCATELLO, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho State University student lawmaker is among those considering removing a 50-year-old mural from a gymnasium wall, saying ditching the 10-foot by 48-foot painting of nude people walking along a beach could better promote the school and women's athletics.

Student Senator Ben Harker insists discussion of the mural's fate is in its preliminary stages and denies his concerns stem from the mural's depiction of people without clothing. The State Journal (http://tinyurl.com/kgv5d7s) reports the mural was painted in 1963 by former ISU art department chairman John B. Davis.

At the time, some people were concerned about the nudes. And a Mormon gathering here once insisted it be covered. But the painting has supporters, too, including retired art professor Don Brown. He says the nudes are meant to honor physical fitness.