While we probably won't see quite the same blistering 100+ temps like we did last week, it's still hot.

I found some odd little tricks you can do to try to stay cool.  Warning:  Some of these might make you look a little crazy.

1.  Lick your wrists.  Monkeys do it to stay cool and it works for humans too.  You could just run them under cold water for 10 seconds but licking them makes you look awesome.

2.  Spicy foods actually cool you down.  This seems a little counterintuative but you're supposed to break out the chips and hot salsa.  Who knew?

3.  Keep your lotion in the fridge.  That way, when you put it on, it will keep you cold for a while.

4.  Modern TVs generate large amounts of heat.  So when you're not watching, turn it off.  Or do what I do and crank up the AC.  Go green!

5.  Put your mattress on the floor.  Since heat rises, the closer you get to the floor, the better it will feel. And when your wife sees what you've done to her bedroom, you'll stay even cooler because you'll be sleeping alone.

6.  Eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.  Yogurt has a higher water content than ice cream, so it's better for keeping your body temperature down.