HAILEY, Idaho (AP) — As fires raged in Idaho's Sun Valley resort region, police say one man tried to exploit residents' pain for his financial gain. They arrested 18-year-old Casey E. Farley, saying he broke into vehicles loaded with belongings of those preparing to flee the blaze.

The Idaho Mountain Express reported Tuesday that Farley has been charged in 5th District Court in Hailey with five felonies — four charges of burglary and one of grand theft. He's also charged with misdemeanor drug possession.

Farley allegedly took laptop computers, wallets, silver coins and other valuables from seven vehicles and possibly one residence in Hailey on Wednesday, Aug. 21. That's as the 170-square-mile Beaver Creek fire raged nearby, just west of the Big Wood River. All the items, valued at $3,000, have been recovered.