I came across the latest bureaucratic legerdemain while visiting the Grand Tetons.  Monday morning, I was out touring the park when I spotted a sound meter.  It’s testing sounds from traffic.  My first thought was this was an effort to once again remove people from the equation.  I walked up to the meter and said “Boo” and pegged 40 decibels.  A pickup truck with a diesel engine passed and registered a 65 on the meter.

Courtesy, Bill Colley

All of this is taking place a hop, skip and jump from an airport!  Pick which one makes more noise.  My Jeep or a private jet owned by a wealthy Washington lobbyist or granola chomping Hollywood liberal?  Of these choices, which one would be the first barred because the noise is a threat to wildlife?  It’s a rhetorical question.  The swells and elitists are trying to remove the weeds!  You’re considered an invasive species.  They can maintain their playground just fine as long as you aren’t stamping through the forest.  Better you be in downtown Jackson waiting on their needs.