The City of Pocatello has finally accepted the fact that their flag is terrible. It looks like it was made to be a prop in an episode of the Fresh Prince or some other cheesy 90's sitcom.

In 2004, the city flag of Pocatello was named as the worst in the nation! Now, the city has formed a committee and is now looking for submissions to redesign the flag. You can see a few examples on their Facebook page and at #newflagforpocatello. Bad news for Pocatello though - if you ask for something from the public, you may not get what you expected. Recently, there was a contest to name a large ship and one of the memorable submissions was Boaty McBoatFace.

N8 Pocatello Flag Design

It is a really nice thought to involve the community in your new flag search, but if you ask the public for help (for free) you are only going to get what you pay for. A better option is to have a few actual artists design a flag and then have the people vote on those. That way you get a good flag and the community feels involved too. But, I'm not on the committee so my idea doesn't matter.

If you want to be a part of the new flag design process, you can submit ideas online.