There is probably nothing to worry about. This kind of stuff happens all the time, right? It's been announced that the Air Force is dropping test nukes in the Nevada desert now. Please excuse me while I go curl up in the corner.

I first saw this as a tiny little headline on Drudge. "Air Force Drops 'Dummy' Nuke Bombs in Nevada Desert...". Nice. The headline linked to this: an article on Sputnik News which said this.

the Air Force conducted successful tests with two B61 nuclear bombs. Neither carried a live warhead

That's good. At least they weren't armed. But, they were big bombs.

The 700-pound bombs were dropped by B-2 bombers over a test range in Nevada.

I really enjoy dismissing news like this as something that happens all the time. But, after doing some research, that's not really the case. According to the Wikipedia page, it's not really that common. There have only been about a half dozen in the past 10 years.

The Defense One website confirmed the tests and expounded on the biggest question - why now?

But why now? Perhaps it has to do with tensions with Russia, which are higher than they have been in decades, and which have sparked fears of a new nuclear arms race. Earlier this week, the Russian government announced it would conduct a massive drill to prepare its citizens for nuclear war.

Oh, OK. Preparing for possible nuclear war with Russia.

That's all the information I have at this point. Now, if you'll excuse me again, I'm going back to my corner.