What's going on?

Wanted: Crystal Delgado
This week the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office is needing help locating 46-year-old Crystal Marie Delgado.
Search for Twin Falls Fire Chief Narrowed Down to One
The search for a new Twin Falls fire chief has been narrowed down to a Washington State man. The city of Twin Falls announced the city manager will recommend to the city council to appoint Les Kenworthy as the next head of the fire department
TF Police: Recognize This Guy?
Twin Falls police want to know who a man is that allegedly stuffed his pockets with alcohol and didn't pay for it.
Wanted: Jeremy Hill
This week the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office is looking for 40-year-old Jeremy Todd Hill on a charge of aggravated battery.
UPDATE: Source of "Booms" Found in Lincoln County
UPDATE: Authorities say they now know what was causing the "booms" in the Shoshone area during the weekend. According to the Shoshone Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies determined the sounds were made by Tannerite, or exploding targets, southwest of Shoshone.