Almost two dozen Idaho post offices could close as part of a u.s. postal service restructuring plant. The U.S. Postal Service is about to shrink, and several Idaho offices may be on its hit list. The Postal Service, which has been losing billions of dollars as more people use e-mail and the Internet to communicate, said Tuesday that it will conduct studies of about 3,700 retail offices "to determine customer needs." The list of post offices targeted for "expanded access," as the USPS is describing the possible closures, includes big-city outlets and remote retail locations. None of the post offices on the list are in the Magic Valley area.  Most are either located in the north and eastern part of the state. Some of the post offices are being considered to convert to what is being called a retail-replacement option. Dubbed "Village Post Offices," they would be operated by local businesses and would offer services and products such as stamps and flat-rate packaging.

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