Wanted: Emmanuel Acosta
This weeks wanted by Twin Falls County Sheriff's is 28-year-old Emmanuel Acosta. This man is wanted for a probation violation on the original charge of felony Driving Under the Influence.
Anger Continues with Crapo & Simpson (Opinion)
Mike Crapo and Mike Simpson could consider themselves lucky.  Crapo’s opponent in the General Election appears intelligent but has little name recognition.  Simpson’s re-election is always a foregone conclusion after downing so many mediocre opponents in the…
Dangers of Cannabis – It’s All in the Genes! KLIXcast
Twin Falls Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Worst says marijuana can cause issues, especially in younger users and may cause more issues in some people than others.

Mike Tylka talks about the CSI Woodworking Auction coming up Saturday.
Sgt. Keith Thompson with the Idaho State Police says if you see suspicious…

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