A Thank You From Idaho Law Enforcement
SGT Dan Thom popped into studio today.  He offered a thank you to the people of Magic Valley from law enforcement.  This is one of the few places in the country where there is still an old fashioned respect for the men and women behind the badge.
Hillary’s Plot for Re-Education Camps (Opinion)
Donald Trump warns of a crime epidemic.  Some in media insist it isn’t enough to fret about (unless you’re the victim, I suppose).  The Washington Examiner, an alternative source, reports crime is indeed at epidemic levels in major cities...
What Milwaukee Foreshadows (Opinion)
The guy shot in Milwaukee wasn’t Nelson Mandela.  Can we make it clear?  Then, when I hear the problem is the “system” because it locks up dads for selling marijuana and leaves kids without role models I ask what kind of model is any dope dealer.…

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