10 Ways You Can Enhance the Eclipse Experience
Agree to go live with a TV reporter.  Then slap your hands to your face and scream, “I’m blind!”
Tell the kids if they keep fighting you won’t turn the lights back on.
Tell everyone it’s the fault of George W. Bush.
Make a…
How Donald Trump Unified a Squabbling GOP
Donald Trump appears to have unified Idaho Republicans but perhaps not in an expected way.  Randy Stapilus from Idaho Weekly Briefing joined us this morning and shared details from his Sunday column.  He believes the party is unified because it’s collectively holding its no…
Commentary: An American Calamity & the Coming Crack-Up
Often I joke with people about a second American Revolution being just around the corner.  Even as a sometimes apocalyptic radio host I rarely take the thought seriously.  Too many people are prepping for the holiday and the hotdogs and the fireworks...

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