Hearing Loss & Treatment With Dr. Christine Pickup
The first baby boomers are well into retirement.  Others are struggling with aging issues and some of the issues are the result of our own modern lifestyle.  Did you spend your youth in a band or listening to loud music?  Or, did your job require the operation of noisy heavy equipment…
Defending the Second Amendment
While liberals continue to have bladder control issues because of the Second Amendment, patriotic Americans are defending your rights.  This morning on Top Story, I was joined by Lance Earl.  He discussed an upcoming meeting in Twin Falls for an organization known as Amend Two...
Spencer’s Own Returns to Twin Falls
Spencer's Own joined The Morning Show with Brad and Jackie this morning. Quinn, Nate, Morgan, Jordon and Nic all squeezed in the studio to tell Brad and Jackie about their new song, "Livin' in the Moment".
Their new song is available for download right now
Raising Money for Patches
KEZJ's Boomer reported that a Shetland pony by the name of Patches was stolen from it's Rupert home on Saturday night. An unknown individual attached Patches to their vehicle and dragged him for more than a mile on asphalt. The pony was then dragged down a gravel canal bank, ripping the sk…
Top 10 Internet Hoaxes, Rumors, and Gossip Busted
Yesterday when someone posted an "article" on Facebook about the Two-Striped Telamonia Spider under the toilet seat -- a hoax which is now FIFTEEN years old -- we thought a "top 10 internet hoaxes" might be in order.

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