There are some things you can say or do to a vegetarian that make them mad...or at least irritate them.  On the other hand, there are 17 things you can say or do to a vegetarian for which they have to endure your rudeness.  Depends on your perspective.

Steve Millington with the Twin Falls Republicans will be in at 8:30.

Imminent Domain rules are being used with impunity in Idaho and not everyone is happy about that.

If you want to have some fun playing Texas Hold’Em  with the “KLIX Kard Sharks” & help out the TF Senior Center – come on down to the center Saturday night & have some fun! Don’t need a team – you can play poker for $60 or play poker & eat delish prime rib for $85. This donation is tax deductible….. Sat Nov 9th – 6pm….. Shoshone St West across from the Depot Grill.

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