According to this article, a mom in Orem, UT (about 40 minutes north of Salt Lake City) saw some offensive t-shirts in a PacSun store display at the mall... and bought them all.  She was with her 18 year old son when they saw the scantily clad women on the t-shirts.

When mom complained to the store, PacSun said they'd need corporate approval to remove them.  So, she bought all 19 t-shirts for $567 and plans on returning them near the end of the 60 day return period.

After the incident, Mall Manager Rob Kallas agreed that the t-shirts were inappropriate for display, "This is a store that caters to junior high and high school age kids," said Kallas, mall manager for 40 years. "Some of the poses were provocative and were inappropriate for a store catering to young people."

If you were at the mall with your child or grandchild, what would you have done in this situation?