This post about plot holes in Avengers: Endgame contains SPOILERS for the plot holes in Avengers: Endgame.

When I was child, there were a couple things I coveted more than anything else. In no particular order, the top three were: One of the Toys R Us shopping sprees they used to give away on Nickelodeon; a walk-on role on You Can’t Do That on Television; and a Marvel No-Prize. The No-Prize was a particularly dumb thing to want because its name was meant literally; it was no prize. An empty envelope!

But what an empty envelope! They were first created by Stan Lee in the mid-1960s in response to Marvel Comics’ crush of reader mail. Stan began awarding “No-Prizes” to fans who spotted continuity errors in early Marvel Comics; later it evolved into an award for those who not only found Marvel mistakes, but also found a satisfying rationale why they might not be mistakes after all.

I tried a few times, but I never got my Marvel No-Prize. (I did have a few letters printed in Marvel letter pages through the years, and if you find any of them, I’m sorry but I will have to kill you.) So today I’m going to try one more time. There’s a bunch of plot holes in Avengers: Endgame — but instead of just listing them I am going to also try to find a plausible in-continuity explanation for all of them. Marvel Studios, the ball is in your court. I’m waiting for my empty envelope.

Even More Endgame Plot Holes, Even More Explanations:

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