Firearms are a major source of fundraising in Buhl.  The annual gun show at the senior center is on Saturday. Your paid admission benefits the center.  You can also leave something additional if you’re feeling charitable.  I believe the last time I attended the program, the cost was three dollars.  The show opens at eight o’clock in the morning and ends at five o’clock in the afternoon.

You'll See Some Vintage Guns

Many of the firearms on sale are collectibles.  You’ll also find other items as well.  One year when I visited, there was a display of antique toys.  Oh, and you can also get a bite to eat from the kitchen!

Guns are a part of Idaho culture.  On Monday morning, Melissa Bachman joins me on Magic Valley This Morning.  She’s the host of Winchester Deadly Passion.  She’s the upcoming guest speaker at the annual Rally for Wildlife Banquet in Twin Falls on April 9th (I’ll have more details coming up).

Americans Own a Lot of Guns

Nationwide, private gun ownership dwarfs the number of firearms held by the military and especially the number held by law enforcement.  You can see the figures by clicking here.  Alabama recently became the 24th state to adopt concealed carry without a permit.  Idaho got there several years ago.

Despite arguments about America being a dangerous country, the homicide rate by firearms is just a tiny fraction of several countries to our south.  While the firearm suicide rate is high, people who want to kill themselves have a number of options if a gun isn’t available.  And if flyover country hadn’t been hollowed out by globalism, a lot of people wouldn’t be trying to take their own lives!

If you figure there are 120 guns in private hands for every 100 Americans, then the actual percentage of violence is incredibly low.

If Idaho Founders had Rants and Raves Pages

Could you imagine if the founders of Idaho had a rants and raves page where they could air their grievances and praise?

25 More Rejected Idaho License Plates

Personalized license plates in Idaho can be creative, but they can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane.
DISCLAIMER: Before you keep scrolling be advised that the plates were rejected for falling into at least one of the unacceptable categories and therefore might be offensive to see.

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