When we talked to Johnny Knoxville about 'Bad Grandpa,' he told us there would be a semi-sequel movie, and now there's footage from that film, 'Bad Grandpa .5.' Here Knoxville and Oscar winner Spike Jonze go to couples therapy as Knoxville's Irving Zissman has a sexual request that Jonze's Gloria doesn't know if she wants to fulfill.

Made up of footage from the prank with interview clips interspersed throughout, the clip sets the tone for the movie, which will likely follow the format of previous 'Jackass' .5 films. The footage here consists of Knoxville and Jonze pranking a couples counselor as they talk about anal sex, and repeat the lyrics from Sir Mix-A-Lot's classic "Baby Got Back" to a woman who likely hasn't been listening to the radio for a very long time.

This also suggests that Spike Jonze's Gloria and Catherine Keener's Ellie will have more screen time in '.5.' Considering that the death of Gloria happens in the first couple scenes of 'Bad Grandpa,' and that Keener's character is mostly glimpsed in the film's credits, we'd guess both shot a number of scenes that made the cutting room floor, though -- considering the structure of the film -- they were wisely cut out of the theatrical version. 'Bad Grandpa .5' will be available for digital download tomorrow and available on Blu-ray July 8.

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