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Twin Falls Missed Connection: Are You Joey?
I love randomly scrolling through missed connections on Craigslist. Some of them are hilarious, others sentimental and more than a few not safe for work. One actually caught my eye and I really hope that she finds Joey. Even more so I really want to know the story behind it.
Idaho Facts That Prove It's The Best State Of All
There are a lot of interesting facts about Idaho and if you talk to an Idahoan, chances are they have told you over and over again how amazing it is to live here and visit here. We have some facts that show just how awesome Idaho is in comparison to others because Idaho just does things better
Lies Idahoans Tell Themselves
We have all done it, lied to ourselves or others to make things easier or because you are trying to make yourself feel better. Here are some lies I have heard Idahoans tell themselves, tell me, and lies I have been guilty of as well.

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