Jerome Pizza Factory: A New Pizza Gem in Magic Valley

Jerome Pizza Factory, nestled conveniently next to Con Paulos Chevrolet just off I-84 in Jerome, Idaho, has recently thrown open its doors to the delight of pizza freaks in the area. Early reviews are in, and the consensus? So far, sooooo good. 

Meeting the Demand for More Pizza Options

Jerome has long yearned for more variety in its pizza offerings. While staples like Dominos and Little Caesars have dutifully served the community, the burgeoning population of Jerome could easily make room for more choices.

A Delectable Menu to Satisfy Every Palate

Jerome Pizza Factory presents a menu that is both simple and extensive, mirroring the traditional offerings of pizza and pasta establishments. From soups and salads to breadsticks and wings, the options are plentiful. The star attractions, however, are the pizzas - available in myriad flavors and customizable to suit individual preferences. Not stopping at pizzas, the menu also boasts calzones and an array of pasta dishes, including spaghetti, fettuccine, and lasagna. To cap off a satisfying meal, diners can indulge in desserts like cinnasticks or cookies.

Rave Reviews from Early Patrons

The buzz surrounding Jerome Pizza Factory is palpable, with early patrons unanimously lauding their experience. With thumbs-up all around, it's clear that this eatery has struck a chord with its pies and pastas. 

Ordering Convenience: Dine-In and Delivery

Patrons in Jerome have the option to dine in or enjoy the convenience of delivery. While online ordering is currently unavailable, customers can simply call in their orders. This temporary hiatus in online ordering is not uncommon for new establishments, allowing them to fine-tune operations before fully activating digital services. Expect online ordering could be up and running after the initial shakedown period.

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