On Thursday, November 16th, tragedy struck Twin Falls when a man was killed outside his home. Police now have 2 suspects in custody for the homicide but the family and friends will never have Freddy Rodriguez back.

As those who loved Freddy try to move forward, there is a simple way you can help them in the struggle. A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up so anyone can donate money or share the fundraiser so more people see it. The current goal of the GoFundMe is $8,000 and currently sits under $6,000. You can donate here or share the link with others:

GoFundMe Set Up to Help the Family of Freddy Rodriguez

The fundraiser is organized by Amanda W who says:

Freddy Rodriguez was taken from us too soon while trying to protect his family outside of his home, all proceeds will go directly to the family for funeral and other needs. Freddy was the sole provider for his traditional family. He was an extremely hard worker with great family values. Freddy leaves behind a beautiful wife and three amazing children. Every little bit helps.

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The original report on the homicide stated the following:

It was reported that a homeowner heard a disturbance outside his house and confronted an individual inside of his vehicle. Our officers arrived and discovered that the homeowner had been shot while confronting the suspect inside his vehicle. It was reported that the suspect then fled the scene, got into a white truck, and left the area at a high rate of speed. Although first aid was rendered by first responders, the 32-year-old victim died as a result of the shooting and this case is currently being treated as a homicide investigation.

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