Very soon, our long national nightmare will be over as 'Parks and Recreation' returns for season 6 with hour-long September 26 premiere "London," the title of which sells itself. Now, the first photos and promos of the 'Parks' team's trip across the pond have emerged, so any guesses what Ron Swanson thinks of Big Ben?

Not very much, naturally. We've also got our first look at the beefed up 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star Chris Pratt practicing his Australian English accent, as the gang heads to various European landmarks in their overseas excursion. Meanwhile, Leslie gets advice from Heidi Klum's foreign dignitary character, given all of Pawnee seems to have turned on her, while additional photos from the hour showcase 'House of Lies' star Ben Schwartz's return, as well as Henry Winkler's turn as Jean Ralphio's father.

Aside from the departures of Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones, ‘Parks and Recreation’ season 6  will feature doppelganger guest stars Kristen Bell, ‘Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany, Lucy Lawless, Sam Elliott, June Diane Raphael, and Billy Eichner. The new run of episodes debuting September 26 will continue the many threads started by last season’s finale, including Leslie’s potential recall, Tom’s mysterious “Rent-a-Swag” competitor, and April’s move to veterinary school.

Take a look at 'Parks and Recreation's September 26 "London" premiere trip in the videos above and below, and give us your predictions for the new season in the comments!