Bill O'Reilly

Fox News Just Fired Bill O'Reilly
In a move that many thought would never, could never happen, Fox News has decided to cut ties with Bill O'Reilly, the network's biggest star for 21 years and host of the highest-rated show in cable news, 'The O'Reilly Factor.'
Trump Laments His Big Mouth (Opinion)
Some friends from out of state are telling me they had difficulty with today’s web stream.  I’ve collected some video highlights from today’s show and can share them below.  Keep in mind I try and save one or two show segments every day and y…
Bill Clinton Says Hillary Complains a Lot (Opinion)
You can make a sound bite or quote fit a story any way it’s told.  I learned this from an old liberal managing editor who wanted the world to see itself in his image.  This morning we took some phrasing from Bill Clinton and found our own interpretation...
Civics for Fun
A friend shared these two quizzes over the weekend.  The first from Bill O'Reilly tests your knowledge of civics, government and history.  You can see it here.  Your host got them all!
The second allows you to plot your political beliefs on a grid...