Proposed Gun Bill So Wouldn’t Go Over Well In Idaho
This is just a proposed bill, so it isn't happening yet. This is in the early early stages and I can't see it passing but crazier things have happened. H.R. 127 is a gun proposal that includes a registry and information available to the public.
Idaho House Spikes Rural Schools Network Bill
A bill backed by Idaho's top schools chief to develop a new rural schools network has once again failed to clear the Legislature. For the third year in a row, state lawmakers on Wednesday blocked a proposal to form a three-year pilot project in which rural schools would collaborate and share resources.
10-Day Veto Deadline Starts for Otter on Grocery Tax Bill
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A proposal to repeal the state's 6 percent sales tax on groceries has been sent to Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's office, kicking off the 10-day deadline the Republican governor has to either veto or approve the bill. According to House Chief Clerk Carrie Maulin, the grocery tax repeal bill was transmitted to the governor's desk Friday after being signed by Senate Presiden
Anti-Bullying Bill Sent to Senate
Bullying has become a HUGE issue in our schools. A lot of parents are holding their breath while their children our in school. What's more nerve racking is that many children are telling their parents nothing is going on, and in realty, they are being bullied everyday! Social media and cell phones have made bullying a lot different from when we were in school. Things aren't just said, they are pos
Gov. Otter Signs Public School Funding Bill
(AP) - Idaho Gov. "Butch" Otter has signed a 2013 funding plan for public schools that includes funds for the state's new education reforms, including merit pay bonuses and laptops. The budget includes $1.27 billion in state general funding, a $56 million bump over the current fiscal year. That's a 4.6 percent boost in state support, but the overall increase is much smaller at 0.4 percen

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