Meridian Man Arrested For Fake Bomb
(KTVB)  Police say the man they arrested on Wednesday for possessing a fake explosive device had threatened to activate it and "take out" law enforcement. Meridian police took two men into custody after a bomb scare inside a Meridian trailer park that forced residents …
Police Warning Of Possible Prank But Lethal “Bombs.”
Here is a warning from local law enforcement agencies about plastic bottles that can become a potential lethal bomb.  You are being warned about people leaving plastic bottles on lawns, in mail boxes, in gardens and on driveways and then waiting for someone to pick them up at which point they c…
Bomb Scare/Robbery Plot Member Receives Sentence
The first person to be sentenced in a plot to rob a Twin Falls restaurant back in October has received a jail term which was suspended for probation.  19 year old Levi Hays and three others launched a plot to rob the Subway Restaurant on Kimberly Road in Twin Falls last October.