Illegal Immigrant

Race Wars in Twin Falls? (Opinion)
Over the weekend, an acquaintance sent me an e-mail about a brawl at a local tavern.  She had gone to the place on 4th Avenue West in Twin Falls to see a friend’s band in action when a fight erupted.
It’s Now Donald Trump’s America (Opinion)
Donald Trump’s acceptance speech dominated our show today.  Reaction from our Top Story audience was quite strong.  I’ve taken each half-hour block and created 4 sequential videos for those who missed the program.  Do you want to know what your neighbor…
Ted Cruz Needles The Illegal Alien Enablers
From the breathless whining files of “How dare the man!” Lefty is having a conniption fit after seeing the latest Ted Cruz commercial. I think it’s quite clever. It features well-dressed professionals with brief cases and some in high-heels crossing a rive…