Idaho is loaded with beautiful places and exciting locations to go on adventures. For me, Post Falls is not one of the places I think of though when I think about Idaho beauty and travel. Granted I've never been there, but that's because nobody talks about Post Falls as a place where you should go out of your way to visit. It is also a nine hour drive from Twin Falls so that's a negative for a visit from me. Plus if I were to drive that far I'd most likely just hit up Coeur d'Alene instead and visit my latest favorite house for sale in Idaho (and the most expensive at $27 million).

This new YouTube video might change your mind if you have those thoughtless feelings towards Post Falls as I do.

The artistic video was posted by an actual artist, so it makes sense that you get an artsy feel while watching it. It's almost like  watching a video that Bob Ross would have made from his various paintings. Keith Harrop has posted previous videos of his pencil sketch artwork and he's got real talent. This hike through Post Falls is his first nature video and I hope it isn't his last.

Honestly it gave me a kind of 70's movie vibe with the blurred edges and fades from scene to scene.

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If you aren't up for a 9 hour drive to Post Falls, there's good news: you can see similar beauty of spring flowers and rivers right here in the Magic Valley. Head out on any of the easy hikes around Twin Falls and you'll be treated to a memorable outing.

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