I don’t accept everything I see on social media.  This morning I saw a post on Facebook.  A picture of gas prices breaking nine dollars a gallon.  The person who posted the photograph claimed it was in Sacramento, California.  I did some of my own internet sleuthing and couldn’t verify the claim.  Prices are higher there than at home in Idaho, but nowhere near nine dollars!

70 Cent Increase in Under a Week

I did notice this morning that the price per gallon for regular at the Walmart in Twin Falls has jumped 70 cents in less than a week.  I also spotted a price at an Oasis at 4.59.9 for regular grade.  A fellow poster on Facebook last night offered he’s paying the same price in Nampa.  Triple-A often rates Twin Falls as the most expensive or nearly most expensive gas in the state.

There are reports coming out of some states about gas lines forming.  We haven’t seen those in the United States since the 1970s.  Then it was because of a shortage.  Or we believed there wouldn’t be any gas the next day.  This morning I heard a news report that claimed people are lining up in some communities on the west coast today to avoid the next price hike.

This Could be a Permanent Condition

When will prices be coming down?  The better question is what if the high cost is now a permanent feature?  According to the CNN business desk, you’ll be paying through the nose for a long time.  You may also remember that Joe Biden wanted prices to be very high.  If you have forgotten his promises, click here.

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