Parents on an eternal quest to give their little ones unique names are increasingly turning to celebrity monikers for inspiration. And it’s not the first time.

Stars like Angelina Jolie, Miles Davis and Michael Jordan have influenced the names of civilian babies over the years, and the latest “it” celebs are now making their mark, too.

Thanks to ‘Black Swan’ actress Mila Kunis, the name Mila has jumped 200 spots on the list of the most popular names for baby girls. And the stratospheric rise of singing superstar Adele has also led to her name showing up on more and more birth certificates.

Harry is now the number one boys’ name in the UK, which you may think is tied to the mischievous Prince Harry — but experts say Harry Styles, member of the boy band One Direction and Britain’s version of Justin Bieber, has probably had more of an influence on parents across the pond.

And if you think that’s a questionable source of inspiration, consider this: Bristol Palin’s first name just cracked the top 500, and Audrina — as in, reality star Audrina Partridge from MTV’s ‘The Hills’ — has risen almost 400 spots in the past five years.

But if you name your little boy Lorenzo, just promise us you’ll never tell him you did so because ‘Jersey Shore’ tabloid-magnet Snooki chose it for her newborn son. There are some things kids just never need to know.

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