(KLIX)- We could see a good rise in the number of people traveling this upcoming Fourth of July. Triple A of Idaho is predicting nearly a five percent increase in those headed out for the holiday. Dave Carlson with AAA Idaho says that is not just people hitting the highway, its people flying and using other modes of travel. He says the increase is a whole lot better than in 2009 when the recession was in full swing. They’re looking at a 42 percent increase since then. Carlson says he thinks the day the fourth is falling in the week will contribute to how many head out. Nationally drivers will get a break from last year at the pump. Right now the national average is about $3.50 a gallon. However, Idaho is well above that, at 3.75 as the state average. Its the sixth highest in the nation. Carlson says he doesn’t expect the high price at the pump in Idaho to make a big impact. They are still expecting idaho’s travel to go up 4 percent.