Buying something for a few bucks and finding out it’s worth millions is the stuff of every yard sale fanatic’s dreams. And for one British man, that dream actually came true.

Two years ago, Andy Fields was in Las Vegas and went to a garage sale, where he picked up a painting for $5. When he decided to have it re-framed, he found a sketch hidden behind it. But it wasn’t just any old sketch — it was early signed artwork done by famed artist Andy Warhol.

The 1930s sketch, which depicts singer Rudy Vallee, is believed to have been done by Warhol when he was still just a child, making it the earliest known example of the icon’s work. Its value? Two million dollars, with experts saying it could fetch far more in an auction.

But rather than sell his unexpected treasure, Fields plans to keep it and put it on display, saying, “I’m not interested in the financial gain for now. It’s only right that great art should be shared.”

Watch Fields tell the story below.