State lawmakers have taken the first step toward ending the Occupy Boise camp. The House State Affairs Committee passed a bill this morning that would prevent camping on state property. House Bill 404 is being sent to the House floor with a "do pass" recommendation. It cleared the committee on a 13-5 vote.  It could come up for a House vote later this week. Members of the Occupy Boise movement told tell Idaho’s news channel 7 in Boise that their fight isn't over. The group is worried the bill limits freedom of speech. Rep. Scott Bedke, the bill's sponsor, says his intent is not to trample on anyone's rights. During the vote lawmakers expressed concern that without passing this bill state-owned property could soon be filled with campers. But some wanted to remove the emergency clause that would force occupiers from the camp as soon as the bill becomes law. Occupy protesters say they’ve accomplished part of their goal: To inform lawmakers about their concern that government has lost its connection to average Americans and now listens only to corporations.