I like to drive fast. But I do not follow NASCAR, street racing, F1, or any other races. I do know a few thing though about those races - people go to the races for the crashes and the sound! If the races were quiet and you couldn't hear the cars coming, the excitement would be dead. That is exactly what has happened in F1 racing. Listen to the insane difference between the 2013 and 2014 F1 race car engines! And you'll also notice the lack of reaction and excitement with the new cars.

I'm glad this isn't the case with NASCAR - and hopefully it never will be - could you imagine going to the Magic Valley Speedway and not hearing the roar of the engines? That would be like showing up to a concert for your favorite band and they announce that they are going to play all your favorite songs at half volume! You want it to be loud. There is an added joy to these events when you can feel the car coming. If you want quiet environmentally friendly races - go to a cycling event.

The races start here in the Magic Valley in all their thunderous glory on April 19th.