Idaho Snow Pack Below Average But Still OK
The snowpack around southern Idaho this year is just a little behind what it was last year but Idaho’s water experts say we are still in good shape.  Ron Abramovich with the Natural Resources Conservation Service says with some of the snowfall arriving a little late this year, i…
Idaho Water Experts Breathing Easier With Storms
Some are calling the President's State of the Union speech last night a knock out while others say it was just another election year speech meant to gain support. The members of Idaho's congressional delegation say there were parts they could agree with but other parts fell flat...
Lack Of Snow Hurting Idaho Resorts
The lack of snow this year may be making it easier on motorists and in general, those who don’t like bad winter weather.  However, for some who depend on the snow, like Bogus Basin Ski Resort near Boise, it can be economically devastating.
Water Prognosticators Keep An Eye To The Sky
Idaho’s water prognosticators are trying to be optimistic even though the snowpack in Idaho is way below last year.  Water supply specialist Ron Abramovich says snowpack around the state is down considerably from last year and is considerably below average.