Idaho Economy Booms
More evidence today red states are booming as opposed to big government rivals.  Idaho had the fastest growing per-capita job growth in America last year.
Having a Baby? Drive to Oregon
Looking to have a child in a safe place?  Then, leave Idaho and travel to one of the northern coasts.  WalletHub has compiled a list of best and worst states to have a baby.  Much of New England, Oregon and Washington State are in the top 10.  Idaho places a fair #20.
Idaho Student Debt Isn’t Pretty
Got debt?  Over the weekend, a writer for the Boston Globe’s Sunday magazine warned the college debt bomb is far more serious than anyone realizes and threatens the future of entire generations of Americans.  Debt isn’t threatening every corner of the countr…
If School Was NASCAR, Idaho Would be Brian Scott
Idaho may not be the best place to get a classroom education.  WalletHub has issued a list of the best and worst schools in each state and the District-of-Columbia.  While Utah made the top 20, things aren’t so stellar north of the state line...
Boise Among Best Governed Cities?
Should it surprise two cities considered among the best governed in America are short drives from Twin Falls?  Boise comes in at number two in a WalletHub survey and Provo also cracks the top ten.  I’m looking for some common denominators for the cities on the list but can&…