Make plans to eat some great food and have some family fun during this fundraiser to support our Twin Falls area Quick Response Units.

Our local Quick Response Units (QRU) are comprised of men and women who work mostly on a volunteer basis.

The majority of these men and women work on a volunteer basis while purchasing many of their much needed supplies and training from their own pockets. They use their own vehicles a lot of the time and leave “day jobs” to respond to emergencies as they arise. The QRU’s are the first line of response to many of our outdoor enthusiast activity areas and are often times behind the scenes of appreciation. Injuries or accidents suffered by outdoor enthusiasts and travelers on rural highways and roads often occur in areas far from a local hospital and emergency services. Without these units being available in rural areas, response from an emergency team could take over an hour or more in some areas. -

Proceeds from this annual fundraiser go to help pay for the equipment and training these men and women need to continue serving our communities.

The QRU Fundraiser will feature a pancake breakfast, challenge rides, an evening BBQ and live music. For more information, you can visit the QRU Fundraiser website.



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