For the most part here in Idaho people seem to be good and amiable. Every once in a while you'll meet someone having a bad day or who just wants to argue and fight about something. But mostly I've never been in a big argument or fight in Idaho. That doesn't mean we all agree on everything though. We are allowed to have our opinions and share those beliefs. That's what makes us individuals. It is also those little differences that make life exciting and fun and give us something to talk about.

We have little debates every day at work, home, and while shopping and sometimes that debate is with yourself. In most cases these debates are a matter of opinion so there isn't a right answer and therefore no winners. That also means these daily debates will never end in Idaho. Check out the list of Idaho debates that will never end.

  • Is Dierkes water gross?
  • Which is better: rifle or handgun?
  • Where is the best place to fish?
  • BSU Broncos, U of I Vandals, or ISU Bengals?
  • Is fry sauce good?
  • Which side of the Snake River Canyon is best: Twin Falls or Jerome?
  • The worst road in Twin Falls is...
  • The importance of wearing a mask during the pandemic.
  • Are finger steaks worth all the hype?
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Writing that list I had definite opinions about most of them. Reading that list you probably also had your own answers. What else do we constantly debate in Idaho that will never have an actual answer?

Idaho Debates That Will Never End

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