BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) The chairman of the Idaho Republican Party has come out and criticized Democrats for failing to meet deadlines for congressional debates on Idaho Public Television.

The Associated Press reports that Democrats Jerry Sturgill, James Piotrowski and Jennifer Martinez failed to submit paper work by the September 2 deadline to qualify for the debates. As a result, the Idaho Debates board did not include them to the schedule.

Idaho Republican Chairman Steve Yates Issued the following criticism:


"It's unfortunate that the longstanding congressional debates televised statewide were cancelled due to the democrat candidates' failure to comply with deadlines to qualify. While the Republican candidates met these deadlines and were ready and eager to debate, Democrat candidates slighted the voters because of their campaign incompetency. In a recent press release, Democrats say their candidates were planning to participate in the Idaho Public Television Congressional Debates. If this was true, they would have followed the simple process to qualify. Now, instead of taking responsibility for their failure, they are attempting to distract the voters with misleading information and shift the blame to the organization they failed to cooperate with in the first place. It is unfortunate that the Democrats could put together a press release to blame others for their failures, but couldn't get their candidates to file simple paperwork to afford Idahoans this important opportunity."

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