It's 2019 and technology has seen a lot of advancements just in my 24 years here on Earth - especially when it comes to dating. I currently know at least three friends dating someone they met off of a dating app. I even have at least two other friends who met their significant other on a dating app like Hinge, Tinder, or Bumble.

It's progressive to the older crowd, but to many people anymore, it seems to be the best way to meet someone. Aside from apps, there are websites, like Plenty of Fish or that one with the catchy song - Yesterday when I opened my Facebook, I saw something that really made me question where we were at in society.

Facebook apparently noticed I was 'not saying' on my relationship status, so they've decided to meddle. So I took the bait: What could Facebook Dating have that others don't? Or even, how would it compare since many dating apps connect to your Facebook or Instagram anyways?

Credit: Facebook

What's unique about Facebook's Dating section that launched in the U.S. on September 5, is that you don't have to download another app to take up more space on your phone. It also has more options as to what your interests are, etc. For instance, I can go on this app and choose to see people as far away as 245 miles. Usually, if you want that, you're going to have to drop some sort of payment--but Facebook doesn't seem to have one at all.

Other features that I think are cool is that this gives you the option to identify from seven different options. In every other dating app platform, I've heard about, usually, you can just choose between male and female. But with this app, if you're trans or non-binary, there are options for you. And if you're someone interested in multiple sexes, that's also an option.

BONUS: Another thing that's different is Facebook gives you the option to have crushes. While you're limited to nine at a time, it appears this could be the new way for people to start dating in high school. Think about it: you could cut out the middle man- or woman - that usually played as your friend in between the two of you to see if you liked each other.