Look, I’m not a 20-something.  Some things were easier then.  I could drive long distances and didn’t always need a bathroom break.  Now I take a water pill every morning.  Known in medicine as a diuretic.  I also drink more than a gallon of water every day and start my mornings with two cups of black coffee.  Needless to say, I need to pee a lot!

Saturday afternoon I was driving to Idaho Falls.  I was about an hour down the Interstate and realized nature was calling.  There’s a rest stop just this side of Massacre Rocks and I chose to stop.  Rest stops aren’t my favorite places to visit.  Once I stopped at one on Interstate 15, and a fellow followed me into the loo and wanted to be my friend.  Even if I was that kind of guy, and I’m not, a place where people relieve themselves isn’t very romantic.

When I got out of my car Saturday, a couple of walking dogs told me the toilets were out of service, and the building was locked tight.  You can see from the photograph that the windows also need a wash.

I was never so happy to visit American Falls in the aftermath.  I made it just under the wire.  As I left the convenience store I bought more coffee.  To keep me alert, the clerk gave me a free banana (which was Sunday’s breakfast).

I posted my story about the rest stop on Facebook and there were some unusual replies.  People asked why I didn’t walk around back.  First, the road loops around the building, so there’s no privacy.  And there are cameras.  Let’s just say that because if what I do for a living could become news my employer wouldn’t be pleased.  I’ve relieved myself out in the desert, but unless a satellite is watching, I’ve been fine.

Another response came from a truck driver.  He told me many of the potties are closed for repairs to Oregon.  Didn’t anyone in government consider some options?

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