We have probably all heard the saying 'You don't have to be fast if a wild animal is chasing you, you just have to be faster than your friends.' If not, then you have now so welcome to the club. That always seemed to me like a joke with truth hidden in it. Maybe there is a lot of truth in it because the National Park Service has added it to a list of safety recommendations on a Facebook post.

Honestly, that might be the most entertaining Facebook post I've read in a really long time. They just keep on throwing jabs at your slowest friend and the bear jokes/information is pretty great. I was amused by the post but I actually learned some new info about how to act around a bear in the wild. Basically don't act how I did last year in Yellowstone. Also, don't be like the recently viral lady who got out of her car to pose with a wild bear for an impromptu photo shoot that almost ended with the woman becoming dinner and a show.

Funny Social Media Posts From The National Park Service

The National Park Service always seems to have a little fun with their informative posts. Last year they posted an informative graphic on how to properly pet wild animals which basically said not to pet them at all. Maybe they realize that the stuff they post seems silly? It doesn't seem like they would need to post that you shouldn't pet a bison, cuddle a bear, or play with wolves; that seems like common sense. Unless you are at the Idaho wolf sanctuary where you can actually get close to real wolves, but even there you can't play with them. You know, with them being wild animals and all.

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