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Yellowstone National Park is a lovely place.  It also allows us a glimpse into the sheer size of the population of morons in America.  Why, oh, why?  Why would you do something that results in the killing of a “red dog”?  That’s a name given to bison calves this time of year in the park.  Do you recognize the fellow above?  Park management has posted his picture.  He’s a wanted man.  The tiny bison’s mother had crossed a river.  The calf didn’t immediately follow.  This guy then picked up the animal before Mom could come back.  He carried it to a road, where it began following people.

The baby eventually had to be euthanized.

I said in a post a few days ago that you can’t fix stupid.  You can warn people and the dummies just keep on being dumb.

The National Park Service wants to track the man down.  Prosecuting these morons in larger numbers could act as a deterrence.  Or in this case, a hefty fine would mean he might finally use his brain.

Someone in the comments section of the park’s Facebook page claimed the guy had good intentions.  I’m sorry, being an ignoramus isn’t an excuse.

A few years ago, some German tourists put a calf into the back of an SUV and drove it to a park office.  The same result.  The tiny bison was put down.  It made international news.  We need to heavily publicize every one of these stories.  And perhaps start barring people from parks for the remainder of their lives.

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