Over the next few weeks, we have a few good chances to see the International Space Station as it crosses over Twin Falls. Technically it can be seen from Twin Falls pretty much every night, but the best sightings for everyone will only happen three times between now and February 7th.

The ISS is constantly circling the Earth and crossing over our night sky, but we can't always see it because of the different angles (or degrees) it goes around the planet. Some nights it barely crosses the horizon and is often obscured by mountains or other tall structures. It isn't until the International Space Station crosses at a height of at least 40 degrees that it can be seen in pretty much any situation. Unless there are clouds, then you won't see it. The next chance for all of us to see the space station will be on Groundhogs Day. On Spot The Station by NASA, you can see when and where the space station will show up over Twin Falls. February 2nd it will appear at 7:27 PM in the North-west and travel to the East. It will be visible for four minutes and reach a max height of 72 degrees.

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The following day will give us another, longer, chance to see the space station as it follows the same NW to E path only much lower on the horizon. February 3rd it should be visible for six minutes starting at 6:40 PM with a max height at 46 degrees.

February 5th gives us the next best chance to see the space station. You can see the full list of dates, times, and locations on the NASA website. Hopefully there aren't any new Starlink Satellites in the sky to mess with what we are seeing.

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