We don’t think of Idaho as a dangerous place.  Yes, we’ve got bears, mountain lions, and poisonous snakes, but it was never the Wild West here.  We’re seeing some cultural changes.  Those come with population growth.  Violent crime grows as well.  In a matter of a few weeks, there have been two shootings in Boise where law enforcers were killed.  These are people who are trained to deal with danger.  You may not be nearly as much at the ready if you confront someone similar to the bad men responsible in the cases mentioned.

We even saw a series of shootings in Twin Falls a few months ago.  A friend and his family were walking into WinCo when they heard gunshots.  It was a shooting outside Target and in the same plaza.

Are you ready?  First, be aware of your surroundings.  Do you see someone lurking in the shopping plaza parking lot?  Keep some distance.  Perhaps go back inside and ask someone to call the police.  I’m not going to break down all the recommendations. I’ll leave that up to law enforcement.  But for many of you who work in areas that aren’t quite so nice, and may work odd shifts, you probably could use a self-defense course.  Being armed and knowing how to use a gun is fine, but there are other means of packing heat that make you uncomfortable.

Pepper spray, martial arts and something that makes a loud noise can all be deterrents.

A friend in Pocatello this morning told me there was a stabbing in a park he passes going to and from home.  It’s frequented by the homeless.  Many are harmless people and down on their luck, but others have addictions and mental illnesses.  If they don’t want to have a conversation, then leave them alone.  There are times when not looking for trouble is a great defense.

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