It was a burger bummer!

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Some friends suggested a place for lunch that isn’t usually on my radar.  It’s part of a large national chain, however.  Not among the biggest players.  I hadn’t been to the place they suggested since I was a young adult, and was looking forward to seeing if it measured up to my memories.  I’m not naming it because there are people who work there, and they’re very nice, and some things are beyond their control.

When I arrived, I walked up to the counter to order and noticed there was a well-worn piece of paper taped to the counter.  It was a note, and it advised me they could only take cash because the card machine was down.  Judging by the look of the tattered paper, this has been going on for quite some time.

I don’t carry much cash.  My debit card is my usual method of payment.  I had two dollars cash in my wallet.  I was advised there was an ATM at a business next door.  I walked over and checked it over in case there was a skimmer attached.  The fee was three dollars because the machine is out of my network.  Instead, I bought a three-dollar bag of nuts and then got 10 dollars in change.

After ordering my lunch, I was given a glass to use at the soda fountain.  The iced tea, my usual choice for lunch, was out of order.

When my burger arrived, it came without ketchup.  I had to go back to the counter for some packets while my lunch cooled.

Otherwise, the food was o.k.  The 500 or so flies in the restaurant thought so as well.  It's just another day in modern customer service.

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